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  • Financial compensation for vaccine injuries is available to help you deal with the pain, disruption, and other related difficulties such as loss of income and long-term care.
  • You've always wanted the best medical care you can find — especially with a serious vaccine injury … but what about legal care?
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Georgia Vaccine Lawyer

Vaccine injuries are relatively rare. But when they occur, they can vary anywhere from minor side effects all the way to excruciating, extended suffering — or even death.

When injuries occur, financial compensation is available through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

But to receive compensation, you must prove your claim meets all of the program's many specific and complicated legal requirements.

It's a difficult, highly adversarial undertaking because:

  • The program is managed by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as specified in the law.
  • Filing, proving, and defending your claim can be very complex, and details must always be correct.
  • Lawyers from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) carefully examine your claim, searching for any reason they can find to deny your claim — whether their reason is legally valid or not.
  • If your claim is proven valid, you will receive compensation for your injury.
  • But if your claim is denied because:
    • It doesn't meet the requirements of the law, or…
    • Your case was not prepared, filed, and handled correctly by you or your attorney, or…
    • It was filed after the filing deadline expired, or…
    • Your attorney was outwitted by the government's lawyers because he or she lacked the necessary competence, experience, and skill…
    Then you get nothing.

Every case is different, and some cases are very difficult to prove — even if the claim is valid.

That's why you need a highly competent Georgia vaccine attorney representing you, to make certain your case is handled correctly, competently, and effectively.

You're In Good Hands

You've come to the right place for help because:

  • Attorney Richard Gage is nationally known as one of the most experienced and very best vaccine injury lawyers in the entire United States.
  • He's been licensed by the Federal Government continuously since 1990 to handle vaccine cases in all 50 states, every American Territory, and for US Military and government-employee families wherever they are stationed, world-wide.
  • He's handled many hundreds of successful vaccine-injury cases throughout more than a quarter-century. And he has happy clients in every state of the Union.
  • He's also had considerable influence on the Vaccine Program and how it operates.
  • Many of the important policies and precedents that underlie the NVICP are the result of his work covering more than a quarter-century — ever since the Vaccine Program as it now operates began in 1990.
  • He's fully prepared, capable, and qualified to help you with your situation.
  • No attorney anywhere has more experience with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) than he has.

Rest assured…

He can certainly handle your case too.

Whether you live in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Albany, Dothan, Valdosta, Athens, Macon, somewhere in between, or anywhere else in the state, you cannot find a better vaccine injury attorney anywhere to represent you before the United States Court of Federal Claims in Washington, DC where all vaccine cases are handled.

With Richard Gage as your Georgia Vaccine Lawyer you can't go wrong.

IMPORTANT: Hiring a Local Attorney Is Very Risky.

Laws governing vaccine injuries are nothing like personal-injury or medical-malpractice laws:

  • All cases are handled exclusively in the United States Court of Special Claims in Washington, DC.
  • All attorneys representing vaccine claims must have a special license from the federal government to practice there.
  • Richard Gage has been licensed to practice in the vaccine court for more than a quarter-century, and he has handled many hundreds of successful cases.
  • By federal law, vaccine-injury cases cannot be handled in state or local courts.
  • Very few attorneys in the entire USA know how to handle vaccine cases successfully.

The problems you can have, and the serious risk of failure if you choose an inexperienced attorney are explained on our page: "Hiring A Local Attorney for a Vaccine Case Can Be Very Risky".

The Program Pays Our Fees — You Don't

Also, you will never be billed for our attorney fees when we handle your case, whether you win or not. Our fees are paid by the federal program, and are never deducted from your claim benefits when you win.

All of the money goes to your benefit, not to attorneys or anyone else.

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BEWARE: Don't Miss An Important Deadline

Do not delay.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has very strict filing deadlines that must be met. If you miss a deadline, you also lose your right to seek compensation for your injury.

An Important Note about Law Licenses:

All attorneys practicing in local or state courts must be admitted to the bar in that state, then licensed by that state to practice law and represent clients in those courts.

Attorneys practicing under a state license are not allowed to represent vaccine-injury clients in the NVICP vaccine court unless they are also licensed by the Federal Government to practice in the US Court of Federal Claims.

They therefore cannot represent any client in any NVICP case unless they have the required federal license.

Attorneys licensed by the Federal Government to practice in the vaccine court are permitted to represent clients living in any state or US territory, whether licensed by that state or territory, or not.

Richard Gage is, and has been licensed to represent clients in your state ever since the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program went into effect in 1990, and was involved in vaccine law even before that.