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The Most Experienced Vaccine Lawyer
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It's true: Richard Gage is the #1, top, single most-experienced vaccine-law attorney in the entire United States.

His years of handling all aspects of cases from initial filing, through discovery, to Special Master Hearings...

And on to further proceedings through the appeals-court process, including appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court...

Add up to more accumulated experience in the vaccine-law specialty than any other attorney in the country, because he's been involved in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program from its inception until the present.

His own, personal involvement in vaccine-law spans more than a quarter-century — more than anyone else.

And that experience is ready to go to work on your vaccine-injury claim to get you the assistance and relief the law provides.

Be careful about what people say:

A law firm may claim lots of experience, but there's a big difference between, for example, three attorneys, each with 10 years of experience for a combined total of 30 years, and one single attorney who has far more experience than any one of them individually.

Also: Many important policies and precedents governing the NVICP and how it operates are the direct result of his work within the program, spanning more than a quarter-century — since before the Vaccine Program started in 1988.

Other firms can't match and defend such a claim.

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The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has very strict filing deadlines that must be met. If you miss a deadline, you also lose your right to seek compensation for your injury.